AMA – Text transcription

On August 19, 2021, Electra Protocol held its first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. The following is a transcript of the event.  Ruanne Lloyd, Electra Protocol Development Contributor, opened the AMA session and outlined the growth made within the past year.  Highlights of this progress include: Electra Protocol (XEP) was born The development of a […]

Electra Protocol and Evoblox – International Company emerges from Community Project

For several months, the teams of the open source digital asset Electra Protocol (XEP) have been working on the commercial exploitation of their products in development. Thus, in recent weeks the creation of the company Evoblox has allowed the company to assert its presence on the international market of blockchain and to achieve major advances […]

Desktop wallet update with several new improvements

Desktop wallet version v1.0.3.0 is now available. This is a mandatory update where changes will take in place at block #230.000 Feel free to browse the changelog below, we made significant changes and user experience updates! Changes in Release – v1.0.3.0 (Since Release – v1.0.2.0):

Evoblox to build blockchain solutions on top of Electra Protocol

Another chapter has been written in the book on the story of Electra Protocol. A group of community members has founded Evoblox; a company set up in Estonia with the sole purpose of bringing solutions through Electra Protocol blockchain to the masses. Evoblox will utilize the Electra Protocol blockchain and applications to add value to […]

First official release of XEP mobile wallet

This wallet uses the XEP ElectrumX server to communicate with the blockchain and does not store the chain in your device. General features: – Multi wallet accounts. – Mnemonic wallet (BIP39), always backup your 12 words list. – Payment notification, you will receive a notification when a transaction is received in one of your wallet […]

Progress Report April 2021

Since the start of 2021, the Electra Protocol team has spent countless hours diligently working to bring the project to where it stands today. In addition to the technical work that has occurred, there are many behind-the-scenes advancements that we would like to report. And while we cannot share everything, we feel that this progress […]

Safety, Privacy & Risk Management

Here is a list of advice, but not limited, to any crypto user: – Always do your own research when investing – Never invest more than you can afford to lose – Always keep your coins with you by storing them in your own wallet – Use exchanges only when you are buying and selling […]