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I Have the Basics. Now Teach Me More!

Protecting Your XEP

Your wallet.dat file contains all your possible private keys that could be made for your wallet. What does this mean? NEVER share this file with anyone! User support personal will never ask for it. This is just as important to keep safe just as the private keys are. Most wallet.dat files are stored in folders now. Each wallet has it’s own data file. Here is the common places to find your wallet files which should always be backed up:


Mac:~/Library/Application Support/XEP/wallets


Commands in Debug Console and CLI

  1. Open up your XEP Wallet
  2. Unlock your wallet (make sure you leave the box unchecked for staking only)
  3. Go to Tools –> Debug Console
  4. Type in the command on the Debug Console:


This will list all the commands that have been programmed into the wallet.

NOTE All commands may not function / may not work fully. Use at your own risk! Backup wallet before you try any if you are unsure of what you are doing.

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