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ElectraPay Plugin Install and Setup

How to Install and Setup the ElectraPay WordPress Plugin#

ElectraPay WordPress plugin is an easy to install WordPress plugin. WooCommerce must be installed as well before installing this plugin. At this time, the plugin is not listed on the WordPress plugin page, which is due to the fact that the Electra Protocol development team is working to create a product before submitting it to be included on the WordPress Plugin page.

In the meantime, you can easily set up the plugin by manually downloading and installing through your WordPress Plugin page on the backend of your website. To do so, navigate to the Plugins section on your WordPress Dashboard and follow the steps below.

Download the WordPress ElectraPay plugin zip file from https://github.com/ElectraProtocol/electrapay-woocommerce-plugin.zip?raw=true and upload it to your website. DO NOT EXTRACT THE FILE.

At the top of the Dashboard, press Add New.

Click on Upload Plugin.

Click on Choose File and navigate to where the plugin is downloaded on your computer. Then click Install Now.

Once the WooCommerece ElectraPay Plugin is installed, activate the ElectraPay Gateway plugin.

Next, on the Dashboard find the WooCommerce tab. Expand it to reveal the Settings tab.

After that, find the Payments tab. You will then find ElectraPay listed as an option.

Click the Set Up button to configure the plugin.

Follow the steps below to continue setup. Use the image below for reference.

  • Click the checkbox to enable the ElectraPay Gateway Plugin in the customers cart and make it visible.
  • Feel free to change the Title and Description to fit your needs. We recommend keeping the text with the words ElectraPay for customers to know this is the ElectraPay option.
  • The default API URL is the most current one to use. Your Account ID will be found on the electrapayonline website in your Account. At the time of writing this article, it should be just a simple number. You will be able to generate your API key from the Settings menu option on the electrapayonline website in your account.
  • Pick the correct Payment Status Update

Once you have the above configured, save your changes and go back to the screen with the Payments tab selected and enable the ElectraPay payment option.

You have now successfully configured your ElectraPay Gateway Plugin!

You will know if the plugin is installed correctly by testing a cart checkout. Once you select, Pay with ElectraPay, it should show information along with a QR code. Please contact us if you see errors. To contact us for help, visit https://electraprotocol.com

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