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ElectraPay Support

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Atomic Swaps supported?

Currently, AtomicSwaps are not supported within ElectraPay. However, we are anticipating a “second phase” for ElectraPay, where this feature will be heavily evaluated.

What Coins / Tokens will be supported?

The following coins are currently supported within ElectraPay:

  • Electra Protocol (XEP)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Is KYC (Know Your Customer) needed to use ElectraPay?

Since ElectraPay does not use fiat currencies, KYC laws are not necessary. However, if future laws are enacted that require this, so too will our stance on collecting this information. Please note, that while we are aware that you might want to keep your information private, we do ask that you enter all basic information. This will allow your customers to know who they are doing business with.

Do ElectraPay accounts provide staking?

No, ElectraPay is meant to be used for transactions. Since staking requires your coins to remain unmoved for a period of time, it would not make sense to have staking enabled within the ElectraPay app.

What products can be sold through ElectraPay?

ElectraPay is a gateway for payment, not an online store. Businesses or individuals who have an online store that utilizes WordPress or other various online store software, can use ElectraPay to collect cryptocurrency payments.

I have an idea for a new feature. Can we email the idea to your team?#

Yes, you most certainly can! You can email us at this email address: team@electraprotocol.com

Can I use a VPN and ElectraPay?

As ElectraPay is not a wallet, you can certainly use a VPN.

Is ElectraPay safe?

As ElectraPay does not use the actual QT wallet, it’s very safe. Just keep you private keys and passwords in a secure place and to yourself.

What happens if my computer or server fails that uses ElectraPay. How do I recover?

Since ElectraPay does not use local file hosting, your coins and addresses are safe on the Electra Protocol blockchain.

Can someone not authorized get into my account?

The only way someone can gain access to your account is if you give them your password to access it.

Does the Electra Protocol Team have access to my account?

No! This is why it is very important to keep your passwords safe and to yourself! Never share your password with anyone, even if they claim to be from the Electra Protocol and offer you assistance of any kind.

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