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How to Sign Up for ElectraPay

ElectraPay Signup Instructions

Follow these directions to sign up for ElectraPay.

  1. Click Sign up on the top right of the web page 
  1. On the next page, complete the following:
  • Create an account name
  • Enter a description of your account (ex. Personal Name, Name of Business, etc.)
  • Choose from three account types
    • Personal – for everyday use, think of it as your checking account
    • Business – an account where funds are sent to a pool and withdrawn from the pool, businesses should choose this option
    • Non-Profit – perfect option for charities, small groups, or anyone who does not take funds for personal use or give funds to shareholders
  1. Next input your region settings:
  • Select your country – if your country is not listed, please inquiry with the ElectraPay Support Team
  • Timezone – this will aid in collecting correct data for transactions and other reports
  • Choose your language – any changes needed please inform ElectraPay Support 
  1. Your wallet and currency will be needed on the next screen:
  • Wallet Currency – please choose one main currency choice. Other currencies may be added in the future
  • Wallet Address – go into a wallet of your choice (mobile, computer, exchange – exchange not recommended though), and create a new address. Do not put an amount in if it has the option. Copy and paste this address into the wallet address placeholder 
  1. Finally enter your contact information:
  • Enter your user information:
    • First Name, Last name, Email
    • Please use real information. Using false information will void any sort of support as we will be unable to verify who funds or accounts may actually belong to 
  1. After you submit your info, you need to confirm it in your email (Check your Spam Folder) 

  1. After confirming the email, you need to create a password. Passwords should contain at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one number is minimal with a symbol 
  1. Finally, you need log into ElectraPay with your information. 
  1. If you arrive at an account screen, you have successfully created an account!
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