How to buy XEP on Bittrex Global

You can buy the native coins of Electra Protocol (XEP) on a number of exchanges. The amount of exchanges is still limited, as Electra Protocol was officially launched just in January 2021. Since Electra Protocol is running on its own blockchain, exchanges have to manually connect to this new network, which takes time.

As of today, you cannot buy XEP yet on any top 10 exchange like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance. More exchange listings are planned to happen. Finding the right exchange for your country of residence can be challenging for new investors, since not all exchages are open to residents of every country. Depending on the crypto exchange, you might also have to identify yourself in a KYC process (where you have to identify yourself by submitting your ID and a proof of address).

Bittrex Global is not available to customers from the United States and Canada. Bittrex Global currently only supports trading XEP coins using USDT tokens.

For users in the United States: Please don’t confuse Bittrex Global with Bittrex US, a separate exchange operated by Bittrex for customers in the United States. Bittrex US does not trade XEP. Use Hotbit, PancakeSwap, or another exchange instead, if Bittrex Global is not available in your home country.

Create an account on Bittrex Global

  • Open the link in order to create your account. If you already have an account, please log in instead.
  • Finish the KYC process (upload your ID and proof of address). This process will take up to 24 hours.

Fund your account

Open the page “Holdings” and you are presented a variety of deposit options available to you.

Bittex Global - XEP funding - Electra Protocol funding - How to buy XEP

Funding using US dollars, euro, or other fiat currencies
If you want to fund your account using fiat currency, select on the right side your desired deposit option (number 3). Be aware that funding your account using credit card costs several percent more fees than doing bank transfers. However, bank transfers take longer – up to 72 hours to be credited to your Bittrex Global account.

Funding via any crypto currency
If you want to fund your account using crypto currency, search for the ticker symbol (like “USDT“, “XRP”, or “LTC”). When you found it, click “deposit” next to the cryptocurrency of your choice and copy the respective address information. Now you can send the selected cryptocurrency from any cryptocurrency wallet or centralized exchange to this address. Be aware that a USDT transaction costs significantly more fees than depositing for example using “LTC” or “XRP”.

Buy XEP coins

  • After you funded you successfully funded your account with your funding currency USD, EUR, USDT, XRP, LTC, etc. you can buy XEP coins. In order to do so, be sure to sell your funding currency to USDT, since XEP can only be bought using the USDT-XEP trading pair.
  • Open the trading page USDT-XEP and place your trade.
Bittrex Global - Buy XEP - Market Order - XEP-USDT - Electra Protocol

If you want to place a market order (immediate buy), please follow these steps:

  • Make sure you place a “buy” order (see 1).
  • Select “market” to buy right now (see 2).
  • Buy the desired amount of coins, usually 100% of your available funds (see 3).
  • Click the button to place the order and confirm it afterwards (see 4).

When placing market buys in the thousands of US dollars the XEP price is typically affected immediately to the upside. Please consider placing a limit order for bigger buys to save costs (see 5); or use any other order type than an limit order.

Transfer XEP coins to your wallet

For security reasons, you should not leave your XEP coins on a centralized exchange. Instead, you should:

  • Download and install an official XEP wallet. The recommended wallet is a XEP Desktop Wallet, as it allows to stake XEP coins in comparison to the other wallets.
  • Run the wallet, create a backup as instructed on the wallets page to another device. Keep your password save, do not give it ever to someone else.
  • Create a wallet address. Usually it starts with “ep1…”. Copy the address and go to the Holdings page, select “XEP”, and click “withdraw”. Enter your XEP wallet address (“ep1…”) and click send. Within 2 minutes you should see your coins in your XEP wallet.

Stake your XEP coins

When your XEP coins arrived in your XEP wallet, you can stake the XEP coins (only possible using a XEP Desktop Wallet). By doing so you help the Electra Protocol blockchain to stay online. As a reward you will receive free XEP coins. See staking section for details.

Buy XEP using a credit card on Bittrex Global

Bittrex Global is not available to customers from the United States and Canada.

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