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Electra Protocol is a blockchain ecosystem made to create a permanent impact for becoming credibly neutral public infrastructure. Users enjoy ultrafast transactions at near zero cost.

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Electra Protocol is a novel layer-1 blockchain and it was officially lauched in January 2021. By releasing Solidity smart contracts and validator nodes during 2022, a number of solutions can be created using it. Electra Protocol did not perform any public funding and is run by volunteers.

We’re elecrafying the world.

Greg Cherry
Electra Foundation

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Electra Protocol is an open-source blockchain which is supported by the Electra Foundation. Please reach out to Greg via email or LinkedIn and he will get back to you.

LinkedIn: @gregcherry

Ethereum problem - gas fees and slow transactions - NFT drawbacks - ETH problems

Drawbacks of Ethereum

The fun of the users trading non-fungible tokens have been challenged by technical drawbacks of Ethereum and other NFT platforms. Existing NFT blockchain prototocols have slow transactions, high costs, no identity functionality. Sometimes users have to pay gas fees as high as US $100 per transaction!

Ethereum was built in 2014 and has many features which are outdated today. Electra Protocol was officially launched in 2021 and will solve many shortcomings of Ethereum and other NFT protocols.

The Solution: Electra Protocol

Electra Protocol was built to be the perfect compromise between decentralization, scalability, and security. Perfect for NFT solutions!

Electra Protocol will comine instant transactions, near zero gas fees on its own environmental-friendly blockchain, which offers staking rewards and which will also feature multicurrency transactions and smart contracts! The solution everyone is desperately waiting for since years will finally arrive.

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