Welcome to OmniXEP

OmniXEP is a Layer 2 running on top of Electra Protocol.
It integrates a native smart contract computing system, allowing Token and NFT creation without any development knowledge.

By using the OmniXEP-Pro wallet, create and manage your own contract in seconds. You can download it here.
This is the powerful offer of OmniXEP, unlocking the true decentralized tokenization for everyone!

OmniXEP is made to facilitate the real world tokenization, making easy for businesses to use blockchain technology.

#To come:
– Initial Token Offering in Pro wallet
– Internal Decentralized exchange
– Contract customisation and verified status
– public API access for custom applications.
– web wallet

Latest features

OmniXEP contract system gives you the choice on contract creation, always in a super easy way:

  • You want a fixed supply token?
    Select this template and provide the desired supply that will be minted.
  • You prefer to manage dynamically the supply?
    Select the managed supply option, you will be able to mint or burn new tokens over time.
  • Or maybe you want to get a NFT contract?
    A NFT contract is similar to a managed supply contract, you only have to select the NFT option before to validate.

OmniXEP Pro wallet is the main entry you are looking for, providing access to a fully non-custodian offer:
– Multi-accounts
– Contract creation
– Token and NFT minting
– Integrated explorer
– Full history
– Payment

– OmniXEP layer information and events are visible directly in the main Electra Protocol explorer, where you can access any information you need.

How it works EASY

The OmniXEP wallet has an internal computing system that relies only on the XEP blockchain, extracting and computing the data from each XEP transactions.
It means that there is no other entity involved in OmniXEP than XEP blockchain itself, offering no doors for attacks.

Let’s explain in a simple way:

When an OmniXEP transaction is made, this tx is embedded in a XEP tx and submitted to XEP blockchain then shared to the network.
The transaction is considered valid only if the conditions are valid (of course) AND once it’s picked up in a new XEP block.
At this moment, any OmniXEP wallet is computing the data and verify if it matches the history.
On success, the transaction is added to each local ledger.

Important Key Points:
– OmniXEP layer is NOT connected to the network, it computes ONLY the data embedded in verified and valid XEP transactions.
– The computing system is autonomous and fully isolated from other nodes.
– The high security of the XEP blockchain is the OmniXEP’s ultimate guardian.

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