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Near Realtime FAST

The world’s fastest proof-of-stake blockchain: You perform a transaction in 1 to 2 seconds using Electra Protocol. Soon even faster!

near realtime transactions blockchain - ultra fast

Almost no cost CHEAP

The world’s cheapest transaction costs of any blockchain ecosystem: Sending just costs ~0.0002 XEP per transaction (US $0.0000002 as of December 2021). These gas fees are burned.

low cost blockchain - near zero gas - almost no transaction costs - innovative blockchain - electra protocol

Energy-friendly POS

Minimal power consumption through proof-of-stake: A fully decentralized network at enterprise-scale running on its own blockchain.

Environmental blockchain - eco-friendly blockchain - proof of stake

Earn rewards STAKING

You can earn staking rewards with an unlocked XEP Desktop Wallet to help the network to stay online and be robust.

staking rewards - POS blockchain - network - proof of stake - electra protocol

Programmable SOON

During 2024 Electra Protocol plans to add smart contract support so that anyone can publish their own smart contracts and tokens.

Programmable blockchain - new blockchain 2022 - smart contracts - Solidity - Electra Protocol

The Platform for DeFi and More

Electra Protocol is an operating system for instant transactions on its own layer-1 blockchain which is scalable, decentralized, and secure. The network is kept running by hundreds of nodes.

Anyone will be able to create payment solutions using smart contracts and own public tokens ontop of it. Perfect for Decentralized Finance, digital ID, NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and more…

Mainnet: LIVE

Blockchain: Electra Protocol
Launch: January 1, 2021
Native Currency: XEP

Tokenomics FACTS

Electra Protocol was not financed by any public funding round – which is in contrast to most other crypto projects giving large stakes to groups of insiders. All XEP coins were available for investment, and the remaining XEP premine coins are today kept back by the Electra Foundation.

Type of Blockchain

100% Distributed Proof-of-Stake

Circulating XEP Supply

~ 17,400,000,000 XEP coins

Currency Symbol

XEP (wrapped as token: WXEP)

Transaction Speed/Cost

1-2 seconds/~0.0002 XEP avg.

MainNet Launch

January 1, 2021

Staking Rewards

3% APY (via XEP Desktop Wallet)

Not a Holder Yet?

It’s easy to become a holder of XEP coins: Simply purchase them on one of the supported exchanges. Or buy WXEP as a token using PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain.

Current Allocation of XEP Tokens

January 2022 - Updated tokenomics of XEP - Electra Protocol - stakes - supply

Crowdsourced Blockchain Project

Electra Protocol is made to become credibly neutral public infrastructure. That’s why the project did not allocate any XEP stakes for strategic partners, advisors, development, marketing, founders, and other insiders. Anyone had to invest into XEP individually and independent of his/her volunteering involvement in the project.

Just like Bitcoin, Electra Protocol has never sought public funds to develop its technology. Both crypto projects are believed to not pass the Howey Test used by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to classify securities. This means that any cryptoproject passing the test could face regulation by the SEC and potentially in other countries as well.

The Better Way to Pay

An ecosystem that will change the world

decentralized blockchain decentralized blockchain near real time transactions near real time transactions almost no gas fees almost no gas fees staking rewards staking rewards 55 smart contracts smart contracts
Electra Protocol