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Electra Protocol is an innovative blockchain ecosystem for instant payments. It is open source, crowdsourced, and supported by a large worldwide member base. In contrast to many other crypto projects, anyone can actively participate in its development and adoption.

Here, People like you Drive Innovation:
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Electra Protocol is creating credibly neutral public blockchain infrastructure. The combination of instant transactions at almost zero cost make Electra Protocol an outstanding choice for upcoming solutions using its smart contracts platform. This will allow anyone to create own solutions and tokens on the Electra Protocol blockchain. The native coin XEP is used for all performed transactions and all transaction fees are burnt. Thanks to atomic swaps, users will not just be able to pay using XEP, but in any supported cryptocurrency. Upcoming solutions by using Electra Protocol, for example provided by Evoblox, may include fiat payments over crypto, fully compliant to KYC and AML requirements.

Member Base STRONG

Electra Protocol is a community-driven project, which did not conduct any financing to launch or run its blockchain ecosystem. All innovations are delivered by its volunteering members. Anyone who understands the future impact of the protocol and is motivated to help can actively participate.

Here The Community Is Driving Crypto Innovation

Every cryptocurrency has a community, and while unique to its specific mission, each project has its individual qualities. For example, unlike most other projects, Electra Protocol did not conduct a public fund offering. Additionally, the founding team was not rewarded for their involvement, whereas most other blockchain projects compensate their founders with complimentary coin stakes.

One of Electra Protocol’s impressive attributes is the fact that a team of volunteers carries out the project. Contributors are not getting paid for their work, for example through the community premine. Since Electra Protocol is designed to be an open platform, anyone can join and help create the best crypto project possible, in order to become credibly neutral public infrastructure.

The upcoming solutions built on the technology of Electra Protocol aim to make payments programmable, more affordable, and ultrafast at the same time. Current blockchains often have conceptual, economic, and technological shortcomings, which Electra Protocol wants to solve.

How to Join CHANCE

The best way to start engaging is by interacting with other members through the official social media channels, especially the Electra Protocol Telegram group. After that it’s time for you to take action!

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Take Part to Make Great Things Even Greater

Many blockchain projects want to do awesome things. Every project has its own reason for existance. But many users criticize the lack of transparency. Unknown participants, no legal information on their websites, unclear responsibilities, and so on. In short: Most crypto projects are just a black box.

Electra Protocol is different: Its transparency is a key element for building trust. And thanks to its openess, anyone interested in participating can do so right away. Don’t wait for others, take action!

Expert Teams DIVERSE

The innovation delivered for Electra Protocol is created and implemented by motivated individuals who are volunteering. Those people over time become experts and are eventually asked later on to join one of the expert teams.

Working Together to Solve Real-Life Problems

Nobody is perfect. And because every individual has its own strengths, Electra Protocol has several expert teams who are responsible for carrying out specific tasks. The development team creates awesome software solutions, while marketing experts come together to bring together the right words and images.

With Electra Protocol there is a place for anyone, even if you are not joining an expert team. But also as an end user, you can let us know how we can make things better.

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Core Team STRONG

All efforts concerning the development of Electra Protocol are coordinated and executed by the core team. Its members are long-term contributors of the community, many having experiences in banking or ecommerce.

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Members Who Bring All the Pieces Together

Every organization, no matter if centralized or decentralized, has to have some form of organization. Here at Electra Protocol, decisions on behalf of the community are performed by the core team members, which are located in many different countries around the world. The Global Coordinator of the core team is Aykut Baybas.

The work of the core team is supported by Electra Foundation, Evoblox, and other partners which are supporting the development, promotion, and adoption of Electra Protocol.

Foundation ELECTRA

The Electra Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which was founded in 2022 The foundation is the caretaker of the premines issued for the Electra Protocol community, and it supports the development and adoption of the blockchain.

Caretakers and Supporters of the Community

A decentralized and open-source blockchain project like Electra Protocol has no centralized owner, but it faces real-life problems when dealing with market participants, such as exchanges, integrators, or partners.

To solve these problems, the Electra Foundation was founded at the beginning of 2022. It is orchestrating efforts necessary to promote and adopt Electra Protocol, such as publishing web sites and listing wallet software in app stores.

Electra Foundation - team members - advisors
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