Roadmap to Programmable and Instant Transactions

Electra Protocol is an operating system for instant transactions on its own proof-of-stake blockchain which is scalable, decentralized, and secure. Hundreds of nodes keep the network running. You can join the network!

The combination of instant transaction at near zero fees plus the OmniXEP layer with smart contracts make it perfect for many solutions in the areas DeFi, NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and more…

Mainnet: LIVE

Blockchain: Electra Protocol
Launch: January 1, 2021
Native Currency: XEP
Fast Blockchain - XEP - Electra Protocol - train - highspeed transactions

Made for Adoption

Instead of focusing on building hype for short-term speculation, Electra Protocol is aiming to create an ecosystem which will help to solve actual problems. One of the biggest challenges worldwide are multicurrency, instant payments at near zero costs – without needing a bank account or credit card. Ontop, Electra Protocol is adding programmable smart contracts so that anyone can create innovative solutions beyond just payments.

Technical Developments ROADMAP

Ongoing Tech Tasks

The above listed is updated on a regular basis, it is as of July 3, 2024. The highest priorities right now are the release of the smart contracts platform different phases and validator nodes.

No specific dates can be given on when the technical developments are to be finished and released. Additionally 3rd parties, such as Evoblox, are also developing solutions based on the Electra Protocol blockchain. Technical and visual updates to existing software are also ongoing tasks and not reflected in the above list. Please note that Electra Protocol is developed by volunteering team members. If you want to help, reach out to the team.

Finished Tech Tasks

April 2024
April 2024
April 2024
September 2021
January 2021
January 2021

There are always also tasks going on which are not listed in the roadmap, such as to list XEP on further exchanges. Often contributors cannot talk about such developments publicly as they signed NDAs.

3rd Party Solutions MORE

By enabling the smart contract functionality, anyone will be able to develop own solutions and tokens on top of Electra Protocol. The first company doing so is Evoblox, and more will follow such as Redfox Labs.

Frequently asked FAQS

If you cannot find a satisfying answer, please visit the knowledge base, search the website, or get in contact with community members through social media.

Electra Protocol is a proof-of-stake, distributed blockchain capable of providing instant transactions for a variety of use cases. Among the most important solutions will be multicurrency payments in realtime, which can be performed over the enterprise-scale blockchain of Electra Protocol. Next to payments, the blockchain will also be capable of running other solutions such like NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and more. To fascilitate these developments, public smart contracts will be made available so that anyone can issue own tokens on the Electra Protocol blockchain.

Electra Protocol is one of the fastest blockchains worldwide: it features instant transactions worldwide within 1 to 2 seconds. Up to 1600 transactions per second can be processed, planned to be further extended. Very cheap costs below US $0.01 cents per transaction.

You can buy the native coin of the Electra Protocol blockchain on several exchanges, which is called XEP. Since autumn 2021, you can also purchase a wrapped version of XEP (WXEP) which is available on PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain). Both XEP and WXEP have the same value, but run on different blockchains. You can use Komodo app to exchange XEP to WXEP and vice versa. See exchanges page for more details.

The Electra Protocol MainNet went live on December 30, 2020. Electra Protocol is an ultrafast proof-of-stake blockchain.

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Evoblox is a startup company which was founded in summer 2021 by some of the core team members of Electra Protocol. Evoblox wants to revolutionize payments by using the Electra Protocol blockchain and its native XEP coin. Evoblox is incorporated in order to provide multicurrency transactions. The company is close of attending a funding for its expansion plans.

Evoblox is focusing on creating #RWA including supply chain or payment-related solutions for example. The company wants to use the ultrafast Electra Protocol blockchain to enable multicurrency, KYC-compliant and regulatory-compliant payments.

Please visit in order to learn more about their payments solutions.

OmniXEP layer has been released during 2024, different features will be released to offer more features during the newt months / years, you can check the ongoing developments in the roadmap

Smart contracts are powerful, because they enable to create programmable money functionality, such as to release own currencies ontop of Electra Protocol. In combination with realtime transactions and near zero gas fees smart contracts of Electra Protocol have the potential to become an innovation driver for finance and fields such as NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and beyond.

Smart contracts bring functionalities to blockchains. Using smart contracts anyone can program solutions ontop of Electra Protocol, as well as release own tokens.

Electra Protocol