How to buy XEP on PancakeSwap

You can buy XEP not just on the Electra Protocol blockchain, but also as a wrapped XEP token on the BNB Chain (the provided community liquidity there is locked). In order to buy and hold XEP, please perform these tasks:

Afterwards, consider providing XEP liquidity to earn rewards.

XEP BEP-20 Wallets

You can hold wrapped XEP tokens, which run on the BNB Chain, in a number of supported wallets which are compatible to BEP20 tokens (such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask). Alternatively, you can also convert your XEP tokens to native XEP coins.

Wrapped XEPs tokens on the Binance Smart Chain are pegged 1:1 to XEP coins on the Electra Protocol blockchain. This means that users can always swap XEP tokens to XEP coins and vice versa using Txbit, even in the unlikely event of a total liquidity removal.

Electra Protocol