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Electra Protocol is a scalable, permissionless, and decentralized platform for transactions which was launched in 2021. The blockchain will be perfect for programmed solutions which run on its proof-of-stake consensus.

An Open-Source and Crowdsourced Ecosystem:
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Ultrafast transactions at near zero cost.


The blockchain uses an innovativeĀ proof-of-stake v3.0e consensus mechanism. The main technical specs are sending transactions in 1-2 seconds, a block time of 80 seconds, and a difficulty re-target in every generated block.

Decentralized Network With Hundreds of Nodes

Currently up to 1,000 nodes are connected to the Electra Protocol network, making it a solid blockchain platform. The blockchain is today able to handle more than 1,500 transactions per second natively. This capacity is sufficient for the expected market demand near term.

The engineers also incorporated Lightning Network (LN) support in the meanwhile. Lightning Network is layer-2 scaling solution, which could be used by Electra Protocol in the long term. The Lightning Network allows transactions of millions per second.

  • Consensus Proof-of-stake v3.0e
  • Encryption SHA-256
  • Coin Ticker XEP
  • Transactions per second More than 1,500
  • Block Time 80 seconds
  • Block Size 10 MB
  • Coin Maturity 12 hours
  • Electronic payments Implemented.
  • Atomic swaps Implemented, but to be launched.
  • Lightning Network support Partly implemented, launched later.

Mainnet: LIVE

Blockchain: Electra Protocol
Launch: January 1, 2021
Native Currency: XEP

Software and Services USABLE

Electra Protocol comes along a set of applications, websites, and services. These help users to access and understand the ecosystem.

Electra Protocol blockchain - XEP Explorer

One of several applications available: The XEP Block Explorer allows you to take a look into the Electra Protocol blockchain.

Assembling Ingredients for the Perfect Payments Ecosystem

Among the solutions our voluteering members continously enhance are the innovative Electra Protocol blockchain and a growing number of applications supporting the ecosystem.

XEP Core Wallets
The XEP Core wallets are one of the most important parts, since they allow the Electra Protocol blockchain to operate. You can use XEP Desktop Wallets to hold XEP coins, send/receive XEP payments, and provide XEP staking capabilities. Additionally, there are also XEP Mobile Wallets, but these are just virtual money bags to hold or transfer XEP coins. Github: XEP-Core

XEP Charts
The charting application XEP Charts lets users get an overview of all crypto currencies prices from the major centralized exchanges which trade XEP coins. GitHub: XEP-ecosystem

XEP Rosetta Support
The Rosetta ecosystem allows crypto exchanges and other market participants to easily integrate with all supported blockchain systems. Electra Protocol added Rosetta support and will faster the integration of this API suite with market participants. GitHub: rosetta-ecosystem

XEP Block Explorer
This blockchain analysis tool allows users to find addresses, transactions, and blocks inside the Electra Protocol ledger using a comfortable search interface. It also provides additional details, such as a top 100 holders listing. GitHub: Electra Protocol

Milestones DONE

The Electra Protocol blockchain was launched in January 2021. During its short existance it could achieve a number of important milestones, such asĀ  the development of features, the release of software, and exchange listings.

From Zero to Hero

While hundreds of blockchain projects earn money from raising funds and use significant parts for marketing their yet unbuilt or unfinished solutions, Electra Protocol is having a different approach: Make it happen first.

Electra Protocol was designed to be a payments tool for people around the world. Users can use it to send instant transactions using XEP within 1-2 seconds at almost no cost. Already built-in features of the blockchain furthermore are:

Segwit Integration
The integration of Segregated Witness allows to speed up transactions per seconds to more than 1500 per second.

Taproot Functionality
The taproot support brought several benefits, such as enhanced transaction privacy and enhancement of transactions.

Enhanced Header Synchonization
The header sync functionality allows to sync wallets within 10 seconds, instead of sometimes up to 30 minutes.

Atomic Swaps
Perform multicurrency payments in any supported crypto currency. Implemented, but not used yet.

XEP Milestones - Electra Protocol - Software Developments - Engineering - XEP - light bulps

Upcoming Innovations FUTURE

Electra Protocol is bringing all ingredients together which are necessary to create a uniform platform for multicurrency payments. Upcoming solutions will make sure that transactions can be performed compliant to KYC and AML, if required.

Upcoming innovations - Ultrafast Blockchain - XEP - mega fast blockchain - Electra Protocol - Smart Contracts - XEP - tree

Electrafying the World

The biggest upcoming feature will be the programmable features which will create open platform for decentralized finance. After the release of the smart contracts platform, 3rd parties will be able to create own solutions on-top of this enterprise-scale ecosystem.

Electra Protocol will continue to enhance payments, both in terms of speed and capacity. The following major developments will change our ecosystem forever:

Validator Nodes
The validation of transactions will not only performed by XEP Desktop Wallets anymore, but also through dedicated validator nodes. These nodes will underpin the security of the blockchain.

Smart Contracts Platform
The transactions of Electra Protocol will become programmable with the release of smart contracts and anyone being able to publish public smart contract tokens.

Multicurrency Transactions
Users will be able to perform payments in any supported cryptocurrency by using atomic swaps.

Further developments are present in the roadmap. Significant additional innovations will be delivered by Electra Protocol’s platform development partners, such as Evoblox and Redfox Labs.

Join the Team YOU MATTER

Electra Protocol is building a decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain with the help of its volunteering community. Instant transactions at near zero costs which can be paid in any supported currency will help to overcome cumbersome experiences using existing blockchains.

Made By People Who Need Problem-Solving Solutions

Our community of blockchain enthusiasts is always looking for talented people who want to challenge the status quo. We are looking for C++ coders, Go developers, frontend specialists, and all kinds of supporters.

Most crypto project remain endeavours of very commercial entities, no matter if they are incorporated or not. Electra Protocol is different: The blockchain was created without any funding like an initial coin offering (ICO) or a launchpad funding. The people behind the developments are crowdsourcing all innovations in the field of instant payments and related use cases. What ideas do you have?

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Electra Protocol