What is Rosetta API?

Rosetta API is an open standard designed to simplify blockchain deployment and interaction. The Rosetta API specifications offer a common interface to communicate with blockchains of different types. Because each blockchain has its own mechanism for signing transactions, forming requests, querying balances, and other operations, wallets and exchanges like Coinbase are constantly developing and maintaining the software required for interacting with these technologies. Rosetta is an ecosystem allowing everyone to easily integrate and interact with all supported blockchains.

The support for the Electra Protocol network was added to Rosetta in September 2021 (see roadmap).

Rosetta makes your life easier

By integrating the Rosetta API in the software development kit (SDK) of a blockchain, exchanges are capable of easily listing each respective cryptocurrency coin and its additional smart contract tokens, if existing. Integration for wallets and other services that rely on the Rosetta API to interact with a chain also benefit from its presence.

Rosetta API - XEP support - Electra Protocol middleware - blockchain integration

Rosetta blockchain implementations

As of December 2021, these blockchains are supported:

For a more up-to-date list, please see the integrations overview of the official repository.

Electra Protocol