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Electra Protocol is creating an unique ecosystem for instant transactions. Made for solving many real-world problems, from instant payments over supply-chain tracking to programmable contracts.

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Solving Real-World Problems

The Electra Protocol blockchain was officially launched in January 2021 in order to create a novel payments ecosystem which is decentralized and independent just like Bitcoin. The transactions performed by Electra Protocol are the world’s fastest and cheapest compared to any other decentralized blockchain. This is creating many use cases which will run on Electra Protocol. The goal of Electra Protocol is to create credibly neutral public¬†blockchain infrastructure¬†without needing ICO funds.

Electra Protocol is open source and crowdsourced. This means that the development, marketing, and related fields are carried out by volunteers. In contrast to most other layer-1 crypto projects, Electra Protocol did not do any public funding round for the creation of the blockchain and its ecosystem.

The Electra Foundation from Estonia (Europe) is a caretaker and sponsor of Electra Protocol on behalf of the community.

Fast and Cheap

Electra Protocol is powered by its own proof-of-stake blockchain. The native currency of Electra Protocol is called XEP and it is used during transactions. The amount of XEP coins is limited and all XEP gas fees are burnt. The transaction fee and transaction time are the lowest of any truly decentralized blockchain project.

Among upcoming solutions for Electra Protocol will be instant payments using supported cryptocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and LTC (Litecoin) using almost no gas fees. Third parties, such as Evoblox, are also developing solutions in order to transact fiat money over Electra Protocol and perform payments inline with KYC requirements (if required by the payment participants). In order to enable these functionalities, smart contracts are planned to be launched in during 2022.

XEP Coin - Electra Protocol blockchain - Instant Payments Blockchain Mainnet
Electra Protocol proof-of-stake blockchain

Smart Contracts

In order to turn Electra Protocol into a very useful transaction platform, the community decided to add smart contracts and public token support to Electra Protocol during 2023. The combination of ultrafast, cheap, and programmable transactions turns Electra Protocol into a next-level blockchain. In just a couple of months time anyone is able to create their own public smart contract tokens on the Electra Protocol blockchain which will not only be perfect for payments, but also NFTs, gaming, supply chain management, and more.

Smart contracts will open up endless possibilities on how creators will be able to use Electra Protocol. #datamoney

Become a Holder HOLD

Electra Protocol is creating an innovative ecosystem for instant payments. You can participate by purchasing native XEP coins (suggested) or buying WXEP tokens (issued on the BNB Chain).

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Get rewarded as Holder STAKING

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Accept payments USE

If you own a business or offer products/services, please consider accepting XEP as well. For now, all you need is a XEP wallet and promote the acceptance of Electra Protocol coins.


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