The Electra Protocol blockchain was officially launched in January 2021. Together with our partners and other innovators, we are creating an innovative blockchain ecosystem for instant transactions. The upcoming solutions are perfect for payments, digital id, NFTs, gaming and supply chain tracking.

Electrafying the World With Great Partners
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Memberships OFFICIAL

Through strong partnerships with major players from the payments and crypto industries, Electra Protocol seeks to establish strategic relationships in order to drive blockchain adoption and promotion.

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Electran - ETA - Certified Payments Professional

Listings XEP

The Electra Protocol community was able to deliver significant progress since the official launch of its blockchain in January 2021. Numerous partners listed Electra Protocol, XEP, or its software solutions.

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Platform Developments ECOSYSTEM

Electra Protocol is an enterprise-grade blockchain ecosystem made for instant payments. With the release of the smart contracts platform anyone will be able to create public smart contracts and own tokens using the Electra Protocol blockchain. The platform partners are the first ones to explore the new opportunities of the ecosystem.

Evoblox - Electra Protocol solution provider - XEP Payment Solution
Redfox Labs - Red Fox Labs
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Shopping Partners SHOPS

The release of the smart contracts platform and its multicurrency payments functionalities will enable businesses to accept instant transactions using Electra Protocol solutions. Until such payment solutions are ready for market, more and more venues accept directly XEP coins as payment method.

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Electra Foundation NOT-FOR-PROFIT

The Electra Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which was founded in 2022. The foundation is the caretaker of the premines issued for theĀ Electra Protocol community, and it supports the development and adoption of the blockchain.

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