Where to Buy XEP

Electra Protocol is an innovative blockchain aiming to revolutionize payments and Decentralized Finance forever. You can invest into Electra Protocol by purchasing its native coin XEP through centralized exchanges (suggested) or Wrapped XEP tokens (WXEP) through PancakeSwap.

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Native XEP coins | Wrapped XEP tokens

Trading and exchanges disclaimer: The exchanges listed below are third-party resources and trading platforms. Please do your own research before using any platform, services, or tools. Trading is done at your own risk. We ask you to consider it a safer choice to store your XEP coins in your own XEP Wallet than to leave them on an exchange.

Native Coins XEP

Electra Protocol was launched in 2021, and as a result its native XEP currency can yet only be bought on selected exchanges. Every exchange has individual restrictions and limitations, such as a varying withdrawal fee.
After you purchased XEP coins, it is suggested to store them in a XEP Wallet. This way you can optionally also get rewards for staking. More exchanges will be added to the above list.

Wrapped Tokens WXEP

Wrapped XEP tokens (WXEP) are XEPs running on the BNB Chain. You can buy WXEP through PancakeSwap, mintMe, or Radioshack. You can also gain rewards from providing liquidty on PancakeSwap or swap Wrapped XEP tokens to/from native XEP coins using Komodo App. You can store Wrapped XEP tokens in Trust Wallet or MetaMask.

binance web3 wallet

Binance WEB3 App is the non custodial wallet from the most famous CEX Binance.

coinbase web3 wallet

Coinbase Wallet App is the non custodial wallet from Coinbase.

Bybit Web3 Logo

Bybit web3 is the non custodial wallet from centralized exchange Bybit.

bitget web3 wallet

Bitget wallet is the non custodial wallet from centralized exchange Bitget.

Pancakeswap logo image

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange where you can trade Wrapped XEP tokens.

Mintme.com logo image

mintMe is a centralized exchange where you can trade Wrapped XEP tokens.

White logo of Komodo platform

Fully decentralized atomic swaps platform

radioshack logo image

Bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream via a 100 year old brand embedded into the global consciousness. Exchange is offline but liquidity is locked and present forever, you can still trade the pair through aggregators and API.

Electra Protocol