Run a Validator Node XEP

Holders of XEP coins can run a validator node. Validator nodes will speed up the validation of transactions by providing instant finality. Sign up to the Electra Protocol newsletter in order to get notified when they will launch.

There are three ways how Electra Protocol investors can earn with their holdings, independent of just selling tokens on an exchange. 1) You can use your XEP coins and stake them in return for up to 3% XEP APY. 2) You can provide WXEP tokens and join a liquidity pool on the BNB Chain for a dynamic return between 5% and 25% APY. 3). You will be able to run a XEP validator node when released.

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Node Requirements

Not all requirements for running a validator node on Electra Protocol have been decided yet. Basic requirements are a fast computer having a static (and preferably fast) Internet connection. The node operator also has to have a technical understanding on how to manage servers.

However, it is not clear how many XEP coins you need for running a node. In the August 2021 AMA it was stated that rewards may be in the range between 5% to 7%.

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