Electra Protocol is a technology that allows you to send cryptocurrency instantly to anyone in the world.

Near Zero Fees

XEP transaction fees are set at
less than a fraction of a penny.

Eco Friendly

 Without relying on mining, printing, or minting, XEP is sustainable data money.


XEP can handle 1500+ TPS, so sending
data money is quick and easy-to-use.


Our secure blockchain ensures funds are protected from malicious attacks.

Community Project

A organization cannot succeed
without a supportive community.


Decentralized with every aspect being transparent. Even the code is open-source.

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Looking to get your hands on running a validator node
or to build on top of the XEP network?

Explore More (Coming Soon)


 A technical overview of the Electra Protocol
and our vision for the future of modern data money.

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Our News

Important Update For Mobile Wallet


Update for mobile wallets during XEP airdrop claim process As promised we released the XEP airdrop claim form and application [...]

XEP Pre-Sale is now Live


Rewarding of the presale participants:From January 1 through January 11: 365% APR (1% daily) bonus of the purchase sent to [...]

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