Low Transaction Cost

Near zero fees

Fast Transaction Time

1 to 2 seconds

Smart Contracts and Public Tokens

During 2024

Instant transactions at almost no cost.

Electra Protocol is the world’s fastest decentralized blockchain. A perfect ecosystem for payments, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, supply chain management, Web3, and more. Made to become credibly neutral public infrastructure.

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The Platform for Programmable Money and Beyond

Electra Protocol is an operating system for instant transactions running on its own layer-1 blockchain which is scalable, decentralized, and secure. Usually hundreds of nodes keep the network running. And the network keeps growing!

Anyone will be able to create payment solutions using smart contracts and own public tokens on top of Electra Protocol using the Solidity programming language. Perfect also for decentralized finance, digital ID, NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and more…

Mainnet: LIVE

Blockchain: Electra Protocol
Launch: January 1, 2021
Native Currency: XEP
XEP Coin - Electra Protocol blockchain - Instant Payments Blockchain Mainnet

How to Buy XEP (Electra Protocol)

Instead of focussing on building hype for short-term speculation, Electra Protocol is aiming to create an ecosystem that will help to solve actual problems. The biggest challenge worldwide are multicurrency, instant payments at near-zero costs – without needing a bank account or credit card. In addition, Electra Protocol is adding programmable smart contracts so that anyone can create innovative solutions beyond just payments.

XEP is the native coin of the Electra Protocol blockchain and it was officially introduced in 2021. In order to become part of its success, simply buy native XEP coins on one of the exchanges. You can also buy Wrapped XEP (WXEP tokens) on PancakeSwap.

How to Store XEP Coins WALLETS

Once you’ve purchased native XEP coins you should move them to a XEP Wallet (recommended). If you purchased Wrapped XEP (WXEP tokens), you can store them in a WXEP Wallet – or convert the WXEP tokens to native XEP coins.

XEP Multicurrency Wallet - Electra Protocol Wallet

For security reasons, it is recommended not to leave your purchased XEP coins on centralized exchanges. Use one of these wallets to store your XEPs:

  • Desktop computer wallets (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Smartphone wallets (Android, iOS)
  • Hardware wallets (Ledger Nano)

XEP Desktop wallets store a full copy of the Electra Protocol blockchain. That’s why you can receive staking rewards if you leave your XEP Desktop Wallet online and unlocked (recommended). Smartphone XEP Wallets, WXEP Wallets, and hardware wallets cannot stake as they don’t have a blockchain copy.

Electra Protocol: The Better Way To Pay

Shaping the Future FUTURE

Our economies are getting increasingly global, as goods and people move around the world faster than ever before. But especially payments and programmable contracts remain slow and expensive. It’s time to change that.

Electra Protocol proof-of-stake blockchain

Electra Protocol is the evolution of crypto: a fully decentralized, open source, and crowdsourced ecosystem for instant transactions which did not conduct any public funding, like Bitcoin. (technical specs as of December 2021)

  • Send payments within 1 to 2 seconds worldwide.
  • Pay the equivalent of ~ US $0.0000002 per transaction.
  • Receive rewards for staking or providing liquidity.
  • Create smart contracts and publicly tradeable tokens soon.
  • Send and receive payments in any supported currency soon.

We’re electrafying the world.


As with Bitcoin, the development, marketing, and related work are carried out by a large community of individuals. Unlike almost all other blockchain projects, Electra Protocol is not driven by a company and did not conduct a public funding. Electra Protocol is supported by Electra Foundation.


Please check out the knowledge base for answers to common questions or contact someone of the community.

Image of the team members

Technical Developments ROADMAP

Electra Protocol Mainnet blockchain and XEP Block Explorer officially launched

XEP Wallets released for Windows, Apple, Linux and Raspberry Pi

XEP Wallets released for Android and iOS

Enhanced XEP Block Explorer released

Rosetta API integration released

XEP Smart Contract Wallet

Public smart contract platform planned

All-in-one XEP Wallet for holding XEP coins and Smart Contract tokens

Validator nodes planned

Frequently asked FAQS

If you cannot find a satisfying answer, please do a search, browse the knowledge base, or contact community members through social media.

Electra Protocol is a proof-of-stake, distributed blockchain capable of providing instant transactions for a variety of use cases. Among the most important solutions will be multicurrency payments in real time, which can be performed over the enterprise-scale blockchain of Electra Protocol. Next to payments, the blockchain will also be capable of running other solutions such as NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and more. To facilitate these developments, public smart contracts will be made available so that anyone can issue their own tokens on the Electra Protocol blockchain.

Electra Protocol is one of the fastest blockchains worldwide: it features instant transactions worldwide within 1 to 2 seconds. Over 1500 transactions per second can be processed, planned to be further extended. Very cheap costs below US $0.01 cents per transaction.

Electra Protocol was designed from the ground up to meet upcoming regulation by authorities worldwide. For example, in order to comply with the Howey Test of the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), Electra Protocol did not conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Also other upcoming challenges to regulation are taken into account by future solutions, such as preparing for optional KYC identification (if required by the payment parties) and AML conformity. Electra Protocol is also prepared for another aspect of possible regulation: the creators of the blockchain did not issue complementary investment stakes to insiders, which appears to be the case for many other crypto projects.

XEP is the currency symbol of the native coin belonging to the Electra Protocol blockchain. XEP is used as main currency used for transactions. XEP coins can be bought at a number of selected exchanges. The meaning of the XEP currency symbol is: X=ISO code for international, E=Electra, P=Protocol.

A transaction of XEP coins between different XEP wallets is very cheap: one transaction on the Electra Protocol blockchain costs 0.000226 XEP - around US $0.000000452 at the time of writing. Transactions from exchanges to a XEP wallet might be more expensive, as exchanges add their own fees on top.

Electra Protocol has a theoretical maximum supply of 30 billion XEP (30,000,000,000). Currently only around 18 billion XEP (18,000,000,000) are under circulation, of which around 3 billion XEP (3,000,000,000) are part of the premine for the Electra Foundation who is maintaining the project. XEP staking fees are paid until the maximum supply is reached.

WXEP is the currency symbol of wrapped XEP tokens (not coins!) running on the Binance Smart Chain. Those wrapped XEP tokens (WXEP) are offered in order to attract investors who would otherwise not know Electra Protocol. If you buy WXEP tokens on Pancakeswap you can exchange them 1:1 to XEP coins using the TXbit.io exchange.

No, you cannot stake WXEP using a XEP Desktop Wallet as XEP and WXEP are not directly interchangeable. Wrapped XEP tokens (WXEP) can instead be used to earn rewards on Pancakeswap for providing liquidity (which regular XEP coins can't). If you would like to stake using a XEP Desktop wallet, you have to convert WXEP to XEP using TXbit.io and transfer the XEP afterwards to your XEP Desktop wallet.

The rewards on Pancakeswap are flexibel, depending on the time you invest. The rewards can reach 25% APY for providing liquidity.

Smart contracts bring functionalities to blockchains. Using smart contracts anyone can program solutions ontop of Electra Protocol, as well as release own tokens.

According to the technical roadmap, the smart contracts of Electra Protocol will be released in steps with the omniXEP release and later on for Smart-EP. This last one will include anyone be able to program and release public smart contract tokens. The programming language used to create smart contracts under Smart-EP will be Solidity, which is the programming language of smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart contracts are powerful, because they enable to create programmable money functionality, such as to release own currencies ontop of Electra Protocol. In combination with realtime transactions and near zero gas fees smart contracts of Electra Protocol have the potential to become an innovation driver for finance and fields such as NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and beyond.

Coinomics FACTS

Electra Protocol was not financed by conducting an ICO (initial coin offering) or other forms of funding- which is in contrast to many other crypto projects whereby large stakes are issued to insiders and other parties. That’s why all XEP coins were available for investment by the public, next to the operating premines kept back by the Electra Foundation.

Type of Blockchain

100% Distributed Proof-of-Stake

Circulating XEP Supply

~ 17,400,000,000 XEP coins

Currency Symbol

XEP (wrapped as token: WXEP)

Transaction Speed/Cost

1-2 seconds/~0.0002 XEP avg.

MainNet Launch

January 1, 2021

Staking Rewards

3% APY (via XEP Desktop Wallet)

Not a Holder Yet?

It’s easy to become a holder of XEP coins: Simply purchase them on one of the supported exchanges. Or buy WXEP as a token using PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain.

Energy-friendly blockchain - proof-of-stake - POS - Electra Protocol
Electra Protocol