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Electra Protocol is a crowdsourced blockchain project just like Bitcoin is. Electra Protocol did not conduct any forms of public funding, is 100% open-source, and is aiming to revolutionize payments over crypto. The people who make this happen are shown below, while many others prefer to stay anonymous. Next to those listed, many more help in Electra Protocol community.

Ruanne Lloyd
Aykut Baybas
Antoine Aimé
Quentin Le Rolland
Robert Bakker
Kai Schneider
Eric Silvestre
John Studnicka
Marc Cathomen
Aziz Canatan
Sebastian C. Dahm
Michael Wutzke
Jamil Nawaz
Matko Novodomsky
Emmanuel Courdavault
Michael Langsenlehner
Pierre Evrard
Roman Fingberg
Harly Zappino
Kenny Lee
Chris Pangburn
Aleksey Chernykh
Ben Fairbank

The above list has no specific sort order. From time to time new members are elected, while others have to step down because of inactivity. You can become a contributing member by becoming very active. When the time is right, you might then be asked to join the group.

Electrafying the World. FUTURE

The people make the difference. Together we are revoluting payments over blockchain using Electra Protocol solutions. Instant transactions at near zero costs, multicurrency payments, and upcoming smart contracts will be significant innovation drivers.

Electra Protocol