What is the Electra Foundation and what does it do?

The Electra Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded at the beginning of 2022. The foundation is supporting Electra Protocol, which is an open-source, permissionless, and decentralized blockchain. The foundation has a number of responsibilities:

  • involvement in the identification and due diligence processes
  • supporting efforts to list XEP on exchanges
  • signing agreements with partnering entities
  • funding community initiatives
  • supporting blockchain developments
  • educating the public about blockchain adoption
  • publication of websites and services
  • and all other interests in regard to Electra Protocol.
Electra Foundation - lowres logo - white logo

Electra Foundation is based in Tallinn (Estonia, Europe) and orchestrates the publication of software programs, web services, and websites that are useful to support the Electra Protocol blockchain, as often times this is required by platform providers and/or laws. Among these are:

Electra Protocol