How much does a XEP transaction cost?

Electra Protocol is an innovative proof-of-stake blockchain featuring instant transaction at near zero cost. XEP is the native coin of the blockchain. The gas fees for a transaction on Electra Protocol depend on several factors, like the number of inputs and outputs, and transaction size. The defined costs used in gas fee calculation are as following.

Sending fee: 0.000191 XEP (1 in; x out)
Receiving fee: 0 XEP
Transaction size fee: 0.001 XEP per kilobyte (KB)

As a result, transaction fees vary. The typical average fee is about 0.0002 XEP per transaction. Taking into account a price of US $0.001 per XEP, the average fee is about 0.0000002 US dollars per transaction.

In the future the blockchain will also allow payments to be made in other currencies. In such cases, also XEP will be used for paying the gas fees.

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Exchanges charge for withdrawals

Transferring your XEP coins from an exchange to a XEP Wallet costs more there than the average XEP gas fees, as the exchange operators charge extra for withdrawals. Also, transactions take some seconds or even minutes longer, because these market providers do not send coins in realtime.

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