XEP withdrawal fees on exchanges

Crypto exchanges are marketplaces where you can buy cryptocurrencies (such as XEP, the native cryptocurrency of Electra Protocol). When you buy XEP coins, you have to select one from the supported exchanges which have XEP listed. The number of exchanges is still limited, as Electra Protocol was just launched in January 2021.

Comparison of XEP Fees

Below you find the XEP withdrawals fees for all centralized exchanges where you can buy/sell XEP coins. The withdrawal fees are solely determined and charged by each individual exchange operator. XEP itself has minimal fees of just ~0.0002 XEP per transaction on average. The listed withdrawal fees below are as of 2021-12-19.

  • Bittrex Global 0.001 XEP
  • GraviEx 0.002 XEP
  • MEXC Global 0.1 XEP
  • Vindax 5 XEP
  • CREX24 36 XEP
  • Altmarkets 750 XEP
  • Txbit.io 4000 XEP

An alternative way of buying XEP is to use the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap for buying wrapped XEP (Binance Smart Chain).

Is My Country of Residence Supported?

Especially in the last few years, crypto exchanges became more selective on which customers they want to serve. This has to do with where each exchange provider is located, what philosophy it is following, and where its customers come from.

That’s why not every exchange which supports XEP as a currency for trading is actually available to you as a customer. Please visit the exchanges overview to find out which exchange you prefer for buying into XEP. Some centralized exchanges specifically provide services only to customers which fully identify themself (KYC). Others are not accessible for users in specific countries. Use the filter dropdowns of the CEX listing to find the exchanges which are best for your own trading requriements.

Upcoming Listings

More exchange listings will happen in the near and mid future.

Electra Protocol is a 100% crowdfunded blockchain project which did not perform any form of funding (ICO, IEO, IDO, VC). This makes the onboarding process with top-tier exchanges slow in comparison to other crypto projects, which usually take a part of excessive fundings to pay for listings fees (which can sometimes be in the 6-digits).┬áThat’s why new crypto projects, such as Electra Protocol, need to provide good reasons for getting a complementary listing. Nevertheless, the community is actively working on getting XEP listed on many great exchanges.

Since Electra Protocol has its own blockchain, exchange providers also need to individually program blockchain integration manually. To ease the listing integration in the future, Electra Protocol launched Rosetta API support in the meanwhile.

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