How can I convert WXEP to XEP and vice versa?

XEP coins are the native token of Electra Protocol and come with the full functionalites of the blockchain.

WXEP tokens are alternative means of trading XEP on the BNB Chain using the PancakeSwap exchange. WXEP is traded 1:1 for XEP. However, WXEP tokens do not have the same functionalities as XEP coins (such as XEP staking rewards, instant transactions and ultra-low XEP gas fees). If you want to keep your Wrapped XEPs, you can transfer them to a 3rd party wallet, such as Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Another option is to swap Wrapped XEP tokens (BNB Chain blockchain) to XEP coins (Electra Protocol blockchain), see below.

WXEP-XEP Exchange

# Install the swap interface
1 – Install Komodo Desktop wallet
2 – Create your account, backup your password and the mnemonic (24 words)

# Add the assets in your wallet
3 – In `Portfolio` menu, click the button `+ Add Crypto`
4 – Type `XEP` in the search bar and check the box for `XEP-segwit` (which is the XEP coin) and `XEP-BEP20` (the wrapped token) then click `Enable`
5 – Do the same for `BNB` as you will need some BNB to pay the swap fees
6 – At this point: BNB, XEP-segwit and XEP-BEP20 are added in your wallet.
7 – Deposit some BNB for the fee purpose, 0.01 is far enough to make many swaps and deposit some native XEP for the transaction fees as well.

# Make a swap
8 – Click on `DEX` menu then `Pro` on top
9 – Select the correct pair based on the swap side:
> Swap your wXEP to XEP: XEP-BEP20 <-> XEP-segwit
> Swap your XEP to wXEP: XEP-segwit <-> XEP-BEP20
10 – You see now in order list the liquidity for both swap side
11 – Click on the order you want and enter the amount of coin/token to receive
12 – Click on Start Swap to preview the trade, then validate
13 – IMPORTANT: Keep the application open until the swap is finished! The swap happens OnChain in a decentralized way, so you must keep the application running.

Setup Komodo Wallet

Swap process

Electra Protocol