Electra Protocol website was relaunched

The Electra Protocol blockchain was officially released on January 1, 2021. Today, exactly one year after the official launch of the blockchain, we are not just celebrating Electra Protocol, but also the release of its new website running at “www.electraprotocol.com“.

In the last 12 months the focus of technical developments of Electra Protocol was especially driven by innovations in the field of advancing its blockchain ecosystem and making exchanges available to the users. In order to properly communicate the goals of Electra Protocol, its achieved innovations and to prepare for the upcoming enhancements, the official website has now been entirely redesigned: it now compromises of 170+ web pages, 220+ graphics, and videos. The old website, now replaced, just had a fraction of such contents.

Usefulness of information

Typically, websites in the crypto space have a problem: They have hard times explaining what makes a specific cryptoproject special. And that is a big problem. Users want to be informed in an easy way about the goals and what makes the project special in comparison to its competitors. Even today, the most popular blockchain projects lack of clarity, resulting in a lack of understanding. However, many cryptoprojects visually look good and thereby driving the readers’ attention away from what is really important.

The new website of Electra Protocol was designed from ground up to be a very useful resource for the average, unfamiliar user. The goal is to outline that Electra Protocol is more than just an instant payments system.

Organization of content

In order to allow users to understand the different aspects of Electra Protocol, the content in the main navigation was organized into five main categories:

Content focus

The new pages put a focus on all aspects of Electra Protocol which make the ecosystem special:

The combination of these features will make Electra Protocol not just an instant payment system, but a new financial ecosystem open to anyone.

Optimized page content

Each section is communicating all content the user must know in order to understand all relevant aspects, with a focus on expressing what especially makes Electra Protocol outstanding. In order to achieve this, the pages make use of anchors, easy language, and compelling graphics. While the base content is broad enough to transport the main information, it allows tech-savy users to dive much deeper.

All site content is not just properly organized and easily understandable, but also follows best practises in being found through search engines. Additionally, each page is highly connected to other relevant pages so that users can always continue reading.

Furthermore, the website is now compliant to data processing requirements. The website does not use Google Analytics anymore, but other means to collect data inline with GDPR. The publisher of the website is Electra Foundation. As part of the Electra Protocol website relaunch, also the official website of the Electra Foundation was launched.

Search functionality added

The top navigation now contains a search link which will easily allow users to search any topic they are interested in. Simply hit the magnifying glass icon to launch it.

Search function - XEP - Electra site

Enhanced look and feel

The new look&feel of the website is the most irrelevant aspect of the relaunch. The goal is especially to inform new users about the outstanding capabilities of Electra Protocol, explaining the extraordinary functionalities which will pace the way for its future adoption.

One important aspect you have to understand is: Electra Protocol is not just another blockchain, but a perfectly orchastrated ecosystem for transactions. Together with our community we’re electrafying the world.

Now take the time, educate yourself… and put the pieces together!

Did you know...?

Besides all the technical developments going on in the background it is vital to understand that Electra Protocol is based on similar principles like Bitcoin. In contrast to almost all crypto projects, Electra Protocol did not seek any public funding and has been created by voluteering team members.

Electra Protocol - mega fast blockchain - highspeed transactions

You can find more detailed information about Electra Protocol in the knowledge base.