Evoblox to build blockchain solutions on top of Electra Protocol

Another chapter has been written in the book on the story of Electra Protocol.

A group of community members has founded Evoblox; a company set up in Estonia with the sole purpose of bringing solutions through Electra Protocol blockchain to the masses.

Evoblox will utilize the Electra Protocol blockchain and applications to add value to various global markets and provide payment solutions, in line with recent developments in Latin America and Africa, for the unbanked.

The main areas of focus will be:

  • Payment and remittance solutions
  • Product traceability
  • Digital ID, KYC & CDD
  • White labeling


Electra Protocol is an open-source community with thousands of members worldwide that is entirely driven by volunteers. The project is depending on community donations to continue development and secure the longevity of the project. It has always been the team’s vision to enable community members to set up their businesses to monetize the Electra Protocol technology.

Evoblox will support the Electra Protocol in various ways, such as funding new technology like Lightning Network and Smart Contracts, building on-chain solutions that will increase $XEP transactions, and supporting the Electra Protocol project from a financial perspective whenever possible.

During the last few months, the founding members of Evoblox have conducted numerous meetings with potential investors and partners. Over the coming months, Evoblox hopes to secure the needed seed investments and announce the first projects that it will be working on.

Last but not least, it is important to note that Evoblox is a separate business entity that is not tied financially to the Electra Protocol project. The cost of the company’s setup is not funded by the project, as the founding members have covered the cost of this expense.

As for the Electra Protocol team, we sincerely hope that the setup of Evoblox, the first company backed by Electra Protocol, will motivate other community members to do the same. As a project, we will support and enable business initiatives as we strongly believe in the power of mutuality.

Evoblox Website: https://www.evoblox.io/

Evoblox Twitter: https://twitter.com/evoblox

Evoblox Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evoblox.io