Updated XEP Wallet v1.0.4 released

The Electra Protocol community is thrilled to announce the updated XEP Desktop Wallet v1.0.4. In order to update to the newest version, please perform these steps:

  1. Close the running XEP Desktop Wallet.
  2. Install XEP Desktop Wallet v1.0.4 – click “OK” on startup to enable re-indexing.

The v1.0.4 update is highly advised to be installed, but not mandatory. It comes with a number of improvements, such as:

  • [Core] Optimizations have been made to the code for block difficulty calculations to significantly improve the syncing speed of the wallet.
  • [GUI] The quantum safe staking feature has been streamlined and added to the wallet options.
  • [Wallet] An issue with wallet unloading has been resolved by new code to handle and terminate staking threads on a per wallet basis.
  • [Staking] Orphaned coinstakes accumulated while the host computer was in sleep mode with the wallet running will now automatically be returned to the available balance.
  • [Wallet] An option has been added to the `walletpassphrase` RPC command to allow staking while still requiring the wallet password before sending coins.
  • [Wallet] An issue preventing the node from compiling and running in disabled wallet mode has been resolved.
  • [Core] Stake modifier checkpoints have been added to improve security.
  • [Core] Several updates from Bitcoin Core v21 have been included.
  • [Core] Miscellaneous optimizations and bug fixes