• 2021-01-02
  • XEP

Important Update For Mobile Wallet


Update for mobile wallets during XEP airdrop claim process

As promised we released the XEP airdrop claim form and application for the desktop and mobile wallets on January 1.

We have seen that PC/desktop airdrop applications can proceed with the airdrop claim process pretty well. However, we found that several users are facing issues/difficulties with their mobile airdrop applications.

Right now, we are stopping all the mobile wallet connections. Please DO NOT try to run the mobile airdrop application.

As team, we considered about another solution for the mobile wallet holders. The mobile wallet holders which will apply for the XEP airdrop, will have to fill the following form:



  1. Input your mnemonic which you pulled from earlier ECA mobile wallet (ensure you enter the mnemonic words correctly)
  2. Generate your XEP wallet address by installing the XEP wallet into your PC
  3. Input your XEP address in to the form
  4. Input your contact ID/Telegram, Discord, Twitter)
  5. Submit the form

Sample entry of Mnemonic Phase: word1 word2 word3 …. (one space between each word )

The team will process each claim one by one by checking through a local installed mobile mnemonic system. This process will bring us an additional workload and the distribution period may delay a bit however, we do not want to leave mobile wallet holders behind.

Important: The deadline for the submission of the mobile wallets will remain the same as before. All mobile wallet users have to submit their claims by latest Jan 10th.

We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during this extremely overwhelming period..XEP Team