What is the maximum number of transactions?

The developers of Electra Protocol have carefully selected 1,500+ transactions per second (TPS) as the current benchmark to perform payments. This value was chosen as a good balance in order to avoid problems because of the blockchain trilemma.

The maximum TPS number of Electra Protocol could theoretically be higher with the current blockchain, if the engineers were to adjust the characteristics of it (like other blockchains do, just to shine with a big TPS number). Currently the block size of Electra Protocol is dynamic, making it very fast. At a calculated rate of 10 MB, and taking account an average size of 200 bytes per transaction, the blockchain could ie. today easily process around 50,000 transactions, if desired.

By lifting the anticipated block size from 10 MB to 40 MB, the blockchain could even process around 200,000 transactions per second. However, this could come along with negative implications for speed, storage capacity, and/or other aspects.

As a result, the current specifications have been selected – which are sufficient for the near to mid term needs. Additionally, the blockchain is today compatible also to the Lightning Network scaling solution, which runs on blockchain layer 2.

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