When was Electra Protocol created?

Although the Electra Protocol blockchain was officialy launched on January 1, 2021, many members of the community work together since 2017, 2018, or 2019 when they were members of a former blockchain called Electra Project (ECA). A large number of ECA members abandoned the original blockchain project over a conflict with its majority holder and created Electra Protocol as a crowdsourced blockchain alternative, which did not conduct any public funding and which does not have a specific holder controlling it.

The long-term experiences of the team members of Electra Protocol are great advantages over other blockchain projects, as many contributors work together since years and have a deep understanding of the blockchain technology. With the launch of Electra Protocol the community here is only working on XEP and not supporting ECA in any ways.

If you are an investor into ECA and you would like to turn your coins into XEP, there is no airdrop or other kinds of conversion mechanism from ECA to XEP. The suggested way is to simply sell ECA and buy XEP coins.

The Electra Protocol community has thousands of members worldwide and can be reached through social media.

Mainnet: LIVE

Blockchain: Electra Protocol
Launch: January 1, 2021
Native Currency: XEP
Electra Protocol