Wrapped XEP token is now available on Binance Smart Chain

Dear community members,

As already known, Electra Protocol has its own native chain, which is secure and efficient for payment and other solutions. However, we recently started receiving many requests from new members inquiring about the Binance Smart Chain network contract address. 

It is not possible for native chains to have a smart contract address on the BSC network. For this reason, the team decided to create a 1:1 XEP token on the BSC network and allocated 500M XEP collateral from the premine.

We created the BSC XEP token with the same ticker, which can be minted and burned at a later date. The reason is to balance the XEP token supply in time, either to be burned or mint more, which will bring synchronization with the supply of the premine.

We also injected some liquidity into the Pancakeswap platform for new users. Additional information, such as social media and other related links, has been submitted to Pancakeswap to be included on our token profile page. This verification process is currently under review. 

The XEP token has been issued and liquidity provided to Pancakeswap. We are now in the process of issuing the swap platform, coin to token and token to coin. This bridge will be available either through a separate CEX exchange or on our own platform, which we will announce once it is available.

We welcome our community to support the liquidity as well.

Important Note: The wrapped XEP token can’t be sent or stored on XEP desktop or mobile wallets. You can use Metamask to store and keep your XEP tokens.


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