Coin distribution and tokenomics

Electra supply has a maximum supply of 30 billion XEP, of which less than 18 billion XEP are in circulation (December 2021).

Electra Protocol did not raise funds via an initial coin offering, initial exchange offering, or some other kind of public funding. Instead, 3,000,000,000 XEP were premined and taken care of by the Electra Foundation for the community. There are no lockups, and coins are fully in circulation, but there’s a soft lock of 50% of the premine. 500,000,000 for year 2, 500,000,000 for year 3, and 500,000,000 for year 4. The premine addresses are public and listed in the top 100 list.

The team members contribute to the project voluntarily, which assists in keeping the costs of development low. Being a community-based project has allowed the pre-mined funds to cover the costs of servers and the occasional critical 3rd party service needs.

You you can view the current market information about XEP on CoinMarketCap or on CoinGecko.

Electra Protocol