Restore XEP Desktop Wallet

If you have a backed up wallets folder, you can use this method below to replace a current wallets folder. You need to have the XEP Core Wallet downloaded first, installed, and ran at least once. The instructions below are to accomplish these steps.

Please follow these best practices:

  • Do not give your wallet.dat backup to anyone. Nobody of the Electra Protocol team will ever ask you about the file.
  • Do not open your wallet.dat file and try to edit or view it, you may corrupt it. Only move, copy, and paste the file.
  • Create backups of backups in different locations (USB stick, computer, different hard drive, etc).

Follow These Steps

  • Find the appropriate method to find your XEP folder (depends on your operating system).
  • Inside the XEP folder, you will have the wallets folder that needs to be replaced with your backed up copy.
  • Make sure XEP Core Wallet is fully closed, then replace the wallets folder. If you have another wallet with coins you want to use, you can merge the two folders.
  • Restart the XEP Core Wallet and allow a full sync to see any coins if you had them in the previous wallets.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The wallet.dat file is cross-platform compatible. This means that you can copy your wallet.dat from ie. a Windows computer to your Raspberry Pi computer — simply overwrite the wallet. dat file on the target system. Be sure to backup any target wallet.dat file you are going to overwrite.

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