How are XEP staking rewards calculated?

Electra Protocol is an innovative proof-of-stake blockchain. Users who use the XEP Desktop Wallet can participate in the validation process. From those pledging participants, the protocol chooses validators to confirm blocks of transactions. The more coins a users pledges, the more likely he is to be chosen for validation. As a result, users can receive 3% XEP staking rewards APY.

Several factors evaluate if the Electra Protocol blockchain will get rewards in XEP. These include:

  • how many coins the validator is staking
  • how long the validator has been actively staking
  • how many coins are staked on the network in total
  • the inflation rate
  • other factors

The minimum time period to receive staking rewards is to support the network at least 12 hours continuously within 30 days. The core team recommends validators to support the network 24/7 and pledge 1 million XEP or more, more details see staking rewards calculation.

Estimation: If you stake 1 million XEP coins for 24/7 it will take about 3 weeks to receive the first XEP rewards.

Staking is only possible by keeping the XEP Desktop Wallet unlocked.

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