• 2021-01-01
  • XEP

Final XEP Airdrop Steps and Guidelines — Airdrop started as of today — Phase 1


The XEP Airdrop Process will consist of two phases:

Phase 1: Airdrop claim process
Phase 2: Airdrop distribution process

Phase 1:

The airdrop claim process has officially started as of today. The claim process will end on January 10, 2021, and there will be no extension past this date. Please note, during this time, XEP coins will NOT be distributed before January 11, the completion of Phase 1. Please stay tuned to our update and announcement channels to learn when the airdrop of XEP coins will take place.

Phase 2:

After the airdrop claim process, the next step will be the distribution of the claimed coins. This second stage will start during mid-January, and it may take several weeks to complete before users start seeing their XEP balances in their XEP wallets. Please note, you do not need your wallet on all the time to receive the coins. Once your wallet syncs to the blockchain, it will download any transactions you should be awarded.

Steps for wallet users:

Desktop Wallet Users:

Before executing the airdrop application, you will need to complete the following steps. For the first part, we will explain the actions that need to be completed for each operating system. The second set will be the same for all operating systems.


Part 1 consists of moving and backing up data to where your current Electra (ECA) wallet is currently held. Even if you already have a backup, this backup is different as it will keep specific files in case there is an issue with your airdrop. You will be using the same wallet.dat that your Electra wallet uses; however, you will be copying it to a different data folder.

Follow the steps listed below for your operating system.


  • Turn off your Electra wallet if it is running.
  • MacOS Users: Ensure you did not just close the wallet, but you fully quit the wallet. It should not show as running; this is indicated by an active dot below the icon on the Dock.


  1. Press “Windows key + R” on the keyboard to display the RUN command
  2. Type in: %appdata% and click OK
  3. It opens the folder Roaming, rename the folder called Electra to 1Electra
  4. Create a new empty folder and name it Electra
  5. Open 1Electra and copy the file wallet.dat (it can be called only: wallet )
  6. Go back to Roaming and open Electra folder
  7. Paste the copied file. You should have now only the file wallet.dat (or wallet) in the folder Electra
  8. Close the window
  9. Go to Part 2 below


  1. Click anywhere on the desktop, click on Go to folder under Go on the menu bar, or press: Shift ⇧ + Command ⌘ + G
  2. Type or copy/paste: ~/Library/Application Support and then click on Go
  3. This will open the folder Application Support, locate the folder Electra and rename this folder 1Electra
  4. Right-click while inside the Application Support folder and create a new folder, naming it Electra
  5. Open 1Electra and copy the file wallet.dat
  6. Go back to the Application Support folder and open Electra
  7. Paste the copied file. You should have now only the file wallet.dat in the folder Electra
  8. Close the window
  9. Go to Part 2 below

Linux (includes Raspberry Pi):

  1. Open Home directory (if run wallet as sudo, look in /root instead of /home)
  2. Search for folder .electra (the dot at the beginning is important). If you don’t see it, press CTRL + H to display the hidden files and folders. You should see the folder now.
  3. Rename the folder .electra to .1electra
  4. Create a new folder and name it electra
  5. Open .1electra and copy the file wallet.dat
  6. Go back to Home and open .electra
  7. Paste the copied file. You should have now only the file wallet.dat in the folder .electra
  8. Close the window
  9. Go to Part 2 below


Complete the following steps:

  1. Download the airdrop desktop application through this link.
  2. Install and run the application
  3. Wait for the full sync; this will take some time to complete
  4. Unlock your wallet by clicking Lock icon in bottom right.
    1. If you have no Lock icon, it means your wallet was never encrypted. Please continue to the next step.
  5. Download and install the XEP wallet through this link
  6. On first screen, when you run the wallet, be sure the “Prune” box is not checked

**in XEP wallet**

  1. Create a new wallet (keep default options)
  2. Go to Receive Tab, enter a label (name of your address)
  3. Click on Create new address
  4. A window opens, click on Copy address

**in airdrop app**

  1. Paste it in airdrop app in related field
  2. Once the icon in the bottom right turns into a green tick and you have unlocked the application, you can proceed to the Claim.
    1. There will be no unlock option for the app if your previous ECA wallet was NOT encrypted

We received several hash which are invalid. It means it has not been broadcasted in the blockchain. We strongly advise not to close the airdrop application directly after ending the claim.

  2. Run again the app, if balance is 0, keep the app running for 30 minutes at least.

Mobile Wallet Users:


As previously stated, you remove your ECA mobile from your mobile by also deleting the local files. If you have not done so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Write down your current mnemonic phase, which consists of 12 words. The phase can be found by opening the Electra Mobile Wallet app, then opening Menu, select Security Settings, and then select Paper Key
  2. Delete the ECA mobile wallet from your phone
  3. Download the Airdrop Application from Google Playstore and Apple Store by checking its availability
  4. Install the mobile airdrop application on your mobile phone
  5. Run the application and wait for the sync
  6. Install in your computer the XEP wallet through this link
  7. On the first screen, when you run the wallet for the first time, be sure the “Prune” box is not checked
  8. Create a new wallet (keep default options)
  9. Go to Receive Tab, enter a label (name of your address)
  10. Click on Create new address
  11. A window opens, click on Copy address
  12. Follow the Claim process of the mobile application.
  13. When the process is over, you have to long-press on the txid in order to copy it.
  14. Then click on the form button.
  15. Fill the form, paste the copied transaction ID, and enter the address generated in your desktop wallet.

For this last step, you may need to send the generated address to your phone to avoid spelling error.

Eligible users will start receiving XEP coins sometime during the January or February period.