Earn as a holder using Electra Protocol

Electra Protocol is an innovative proof-of-stake blockchain. At the moment there are two ways how you can earn with it:

Staking via XEP Desktop Wallets
As a holder of XEP (the native currency of Electra Protocol) you can keep your wallet unlocked and thus help the network to stay online. As a reward for doing so, Electra Protocol will pay out 3% rewards in XEP (APY). More details: How to stake

Providing Liquidity on PancakeSwap
As a holder of WXEP (a wrapped version of XEP on the BNB Chain) you can provide liquidity and earn returns from that. The amount of rewards are flexible and depend on the current market situation. Often you can earn 10% and more APY. More details: How to provide liquidity

The recommended way is to buy XEP coins on an exchange. If you are not sure how trading on crypto exchanges work, please make yourself familiar with how to buy XEP.

Electra Protocol