Where can I download the official wallet?

Depending on your device and operating system, there are multiple options for downloading a wallet.

XEP Desktop Wallets

The recommended way of storing your XEP coins is by using the XEP Desktop Wallet. Since this wallet stores a full copy of the blockchain, it allows users to participate in staking.

XEP Mobile Wallets

The XEP Mobile Wallet is a simplified version of a wallet (think of it just as a money bag to hold XEP). Since it does not store a full blockchain copy, the XEP Mobile Wallet cannot be used for staking.

WXEP Wallets

If you are a holder of WXEP (Wrapped XEP), please use a wallet for the BNB Chain which is capable of holding WXEP tokens. One of such wallets being able to store WXEP tokens is the d’cent hardware wallet.

WXEP tokens cannot participate in XEP staking. However, you could convert WXEP to XEP to participate in XEP staking.

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