What is the supply of XEP?

The current supply of XEP coins is ~ 17.4 billion XEP coins (January 2022). This value is based on the XEP coin economics. You can check the current supply (as of now) using the XEP Block Explorer.

XEP can also be traded as wrapped XEP token on PancakeSwap since October 2021 to make Electra Protocol available to a wider audience. In order to bring XEP to PancakeSwap, the community contributed a part of the premined coins to PancakeSwap. These coins are part of the current supply as well.

The provided supply of XEP on PancakeSwap is 500 million XEP tokens (part of the ~ 17.4 billion XEP coins).

No Maximum Supply

Strictly speaking, Electra Protocol does not have a hardcoded maximum supply. Like any other proof-of-stake blockchain, the technology cannot be limited to a specific maximum supply. In order to make sure that the blockchain will not exceed too many coins, the staking reward amount has been carefully selected to be ~3% APY. As there cannot be a max supply in any proof-of-stake protocol, the maximum supply advertised for Electra Protocol is just for display reasons, as most exchanges require this information to be listed. The max supply can rise endlessly for any given blockchain project running proof-of-stake. That’s why the APY is critical for the sustainability of a cryptocurrency.

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