Airdrop Distribution Batch 2 and 3

Dear Xeptionals and Xepians,

As previously stated, we started the release of the 1st batch of the XEP airdrop a week ago. As outlined below, we will have two more batches to be released starting today.

2nd batch, February 13: We are ready to release the 2nd batch of XEP coins to their respective users. We are aiming to complete this distribution as soon as today.

3rd and final Batch, February 20: Those who do not receive their XEP during the 1st and 2nd batch periods will need to contact our airdrop team member “Robofus” through Discord (Robofus #5316) or Telegram (@Robofus) within a max period of 72 hours from the time of this announcement. The team will start completing the final batch on Saturday, February 20. Once completed, the XEP airdrop distribution phase will officially close.

If communication is needed, please double-check that you are contacting Robofus, as mentioned above, before connecting him so that you are indeed communicating with the right person.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience during this overwhelming yet exciting period.

XEP Team