XEP Desktop Wallet update with several new improvements

The XEP Desktop Wallet version v1.0.3.0 is now available.

This is a mandatory update where changes will take in place at block #230.000

Feel free to browse the changelog below, we made significant changes and user experience updates!

Changes in Release – v1.0.3.0 (Since Release – v1.0.2.0):

- [GUI] An option to always require entering the wallet password before sending has been added.

- [GUI] The wallet will now display a warning if your system clock is inaccurate and needs to be synchronized.

- [GUI] A wallet application locker has been added which can use a PIN to prevent all access to the wallet interface until the application is unlocked.

- [GUI] The current block hash is now displayed in the information window.

- [GUI] A links menu has been added for easy access to the block explorer and other websites.

- [Staking] Settings to automatically manage or configure the target number of stake inputs the wallet will maintain have been added.

- [Core] A rolling checkpoint has been added which will prevent forks longer than one day.

- [Core] Transaction replay protection has been implemented and will be enabled by default at block 230000, so please update before then to ensure that your wallet will still recognize coins it receives and display an accurate balance.

- [Staking] Some staking warning messages have been updated.

- [Core] Miscellaneous optimizations and bug fixes


– [Staking] If your computer goes to sleep with the wallet running, some of your balance may disappear from unspendable orphaned coinstakes and will be unable to stake until the wallet is restarted.
– During staking:
=> No sleep or energy mode activated
=> Do not disconnect your account
=> if laptop, don’t close your screen.


You can change your stake inputs management setting in wallet options:

Default value: 0: This is the automatic mode, the wallet will manage to create inputs from 2 to 4 Millions XEP.
Value -1: This set the feature OFF, you need to restart your wallet to register the setting.
Value higher than 0: This will set your wallet to create and keep the number of inputs to the selected value