First official release of XEP mobile wallet

This wallet uses the XEP ElectrumX server to communicate with the blockchain and does not store the chain in your device.

General features:

– Multi wallet accounts.

– Mnemonic wallet (BIP39), always backup your 12 words list.

– Payment notification, you will receive a notification when a transaction is received in one of your wallet accounts.

– Fake password and a fake wallet layer to avoid any theft attempt.

– Multi-currency quotation of XEP value.

– Multi-language (Please contact us to improve the translation).

– Custom Electrum server. You can set up your own Electrum server for your mobile wallet.

Download Now:



Basic steps to use your mobile wallet:

  • Install XEP Mobile Wallet from ​Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. ​
  • When opening the app for the first time, you will be asked to write down your seed words. Please place the seed words in a safe place, as you will be unable to recover your wallet later without them, whether when moving to a new device or due to technical issues.​
  • Add a wallet. ​
  • Name it.
  • Select XEP type and tap « create ».​
  • Your XEP wallet is ready.​
  • You can send using the send button.​
  • You can receive using receive button. The wallet will ask if you wrote down your seed phrase. ​
  • You will then have the receive screen with QR code and address. (no screenshot possible for security reasons) ​
  • Settings page ​
  • You can also import a mobile wallet with your seed phrase, use the « add wallet function » then tap import wallet.
  • It will ask you to write down your seed words. It will then process for few seconds. ​
  • You can rename your wallet if you choose to do so.

Please remember to write down the seed keys of your wallet and store them in a safe place so that you can recover your wallet should you ever need to.

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