I don’t want to let my computer run 24/7

When you use the XEP Desktop Wallet to support the network in returns for XEP coins, users sometimes do not want to leave their computer running all the time. In order to be eligible to receive the 3% XEP staking rewards, you just have to be connected at least once every 30 days for a couple of hours. However, the suggested method is to continously help the network stay online, for example by running a node using a Raspberry Pi computer (description as following).

If you are familiar with how to technically deal with computers, you can consider moving your XEP coins from your desktop computer to a dedicated micro-computer such as a Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi is cheap, easy-to-setup, and uses just a fraction of power compared to a typical computer.

If you do not want/do not can setup a Raspberry Pi, another option is to just run your XEP Desktop Wallet when you actually use your computer. This means the wallet will not run when the computer is turned off. This is not bad in terms of receiving staking rewards, as you technically just have to connect once a month for at least 12 hours to receive your stakes. However, not being online means that the network has to rely on all the other users taking part in the staking process. In order to keep the network online and robust, you should therefore opt-in for keeping your XEP Desktop Wallet running and unlocked as often as possible.

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