What was the XEP airdrop?

The Electra Project (ECA) was the spiritual predecessor of Electra Protocol (XEP). The ECA project originally began in 2017, and many team members of the ECA Project are today a part of the Electra Protocol. This is giving Electra Protocol a competitive edge over many other crypto projects.

When the Electra Project (ECA) was discontinued by many of its former members, they started Electra Protocol (XEP) as a new and improved blockchain project in January 2021. Users of the old Electra Project (ECA) were offered to convert their original ECA coins into XEP coins while participating in the airdrop. The ECA Project was discontinued by the XEP community members and the old Electra Project (ECA) is today not affiliated with the XEP community.

If you are a holder of ECA tokens and you would like to join XEP, you have to buy XEP coins. There is no airdrop or the like anymore.

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