• 2021-01-07
  • XEP

XEP Presale BIG BONUS Announcement


Bonus update

We are happy to announce an incredible bonus that we have included for the XEP presale.

Earlier, we announced a 10% max bonus to presale participants. We are excited to announce that based on several requests coming from our community, we are increasing this bonus to 100%. Yes, you read that right, there will be a 100% bonus for people who buy during the presale.

To speed up the presale process, the XEP team will offer this amazing opportunity, which will expedite the opportunity to get listed in a Tier 1 exchange.

The conditions and details for this offer are as follows:

  • The presale period is extended until the start of the airdrop coin distribution, which will occur towards the end of January
  • Users who participated in the presale before this announcement will receive the 100% bonus
  • The XEP presale will continue to be conducted through the announced exchange and the use of sell walls
  • The starting price level will be 5 sat
  • Users who buy and keep their coins in their wallet until July 1, 2021, without moving the coins, will be eligible for the 100% bonus
  • Bonus distribution will occur during July/August 2021
  • There will be no lower or upper limit

Example 1:

  1. A user buys 5 million XEP between now and January 31 at 00:01 AM and immediately sends them to a separate wallet address and enables staking
  2. This dedicated presale address should not be used for any other transactions
  3. Submit the transaction ID in the linked Google form
  4. The user will receive a bonus of 5 million XEP
  5. This bonus will be sent to the user during July/August 2021 period





The team reserves the right to change the presale period & amount of XEP coins based on the received demand and conditions.