Can I send XEP coins to Trust Wallet?

Electra Protocol is running on its own layer-1 blockchain using its native currency XEP. In October 2021, an alternate wrapped XEP (WXEP) version was released on the BNB Chain using PancakeSwap in order to widen the audience for Electra Protocol (differences between XEP and WXEP).

As a result of XEP running on the Electra Protocol blockchain and the wrapped XEP version running on the BNB Chain blockchain, you cannot transfer wrapped XEP (WXEP) to Trust Wallet, because Trust Wallet has yet only support for BEP20 WXEP tokens (Wrapped XEP tokens on the BNB Chain) and not Electra Protocol (XEP coins). The same goes also for any other wallet capable of storing BSC tokens: they are not compatible with native XEP coins, but you might be able to store wrapped XEP there (do check your wallet compatibility before you send wrapped XEP tokens to a BEP20 wallet).

If you want to store XEP coins in Trust Wallet, you can convert them to WXEP tokens. The suggested way of storing native XEP coins is an official XEP Wallet.

How To Store XEP Coins

In order to store XEP coins in a wallet you have two options:

If you don’t know what kind of wallet you are looking it, here some guideslines. Native XEP addresses always start with “EP1”, “P”, or “X”. XEP addresses running on the BNB Chain start with a “0”.

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