What is the strategy to avoid DDoS attacks?

Some layer-1 blockchains advertise a large transactions per seconds (TPS) in order to appear scalable to investors. However, a high TPS number does not mean a blockchain is scalable. Usually high TPS numbers have negative effects on other aspects, such as not being fully decentralized anymore. These problems are related to the blockchain trilemma. A network which is not fully decentralized is prone to DDoS attacks, as seen multiple times in the media (google it).

Security Mechanisms

Electra Protocol created a universal blockchain ecosystem which balances security, scalability, and decentralization to achieve the best possible performance. The results are impressive: Electra Protocol is today the world’s fastest decentralized blockchain. And transactions will get even faster! Its large network of hundreds of distributed nodes makes it able to handle even large spikes.┬áThe solution to avoid DDoS attacks is described as following:

If there is enough transactions (TX) spam on the Electra Protocol network, so that the 10MB blocks are completely filled, then the fee estimation code will kick in and start raising fees on user TXs in order to target confirmation in the next 2 blocks. Since the user TXs are beginning to pay a higher fee, they have a higher priority to be included in the block than the spam TXs. This forces the spammer to continually raise his TX fees in order to block legitimate XEP transactions.

Eventually the fees will rise so high that the spammer will not be able to afford to continue the attack, while for an individual user they may still only be paying a couple coins in fees for one transaction.

The attacker would additionally be burning millions of XEP coins in fees to continue filling up 10MB blocks at this point. The attacker needed to be a whale in order to perform an attack and must be willing to burn millions of coins. By performing a massive amounts of transactions, it would also reduce the XEP circulating supply, as transactions fees are burned.

Additionally, the higher the price of XEP will get in the years to come, the more costly an attack will be (if the attacker is not already in the posession of coins).

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